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jAlbum 29.3 Crack With Keygen Full Version Download Latest

jAlbum you can create web albums from your digital photos, or any file, just the way you want with this award-winning software. The app has built-in image editing features for basic image retouching and a file management system. Polish the photos you like and delete the bad ones. It’s just a matter of drag and drop. Use flexible templates called “skins” to create custom albums in HTML, Flash, or any other format. Add advanced features like a shopping cart, music, and more. Creative jAlbum users continually add new skins to jalbum.net for you to download. Be sure to check them out.

Publish your albums to free jalbum.net hosting or to any site with jAlbum’s built-in FTP support. Share your albums and get feedback on jalbum.net. Widgets are fun tools that add functionality to your 64-bit jAlbum, like annotating photos and easily navigating between your albums. jAlbum is a professional software application specialized in creating custom albums where users can input their favorite photos and videos and edit images. The program provides an easy-to-use environment to help you shape your albums. You can view a list of recently created projects, sort them alphabetically, preview settings, and create a slideshow.

To generate a completely new project, you must provide information about the album name, tags, description, and location. Also, you can save the album to your computer and load it into your future editing projects. Each project can be customized with different skins and styles, and you can upload albums to jalbum.net or your own website. The album is also saved locally on your computer and you can preview it in your web browser. jAlbum gives you the ability to add images, videos, or folders using the drag-and-drop support or the built-in browse button.

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There are three ways to add files, you can copy files to an album project, make use of links (they take up less disk space and any editing applied to the image is automatically revealed in the final album), or work with a custom folder (changes are also applied to physical files in that directory). You can insert captions for each item in the album, use the built-in viewer to jump to the next or previous photo in your collection, and exclude multiple items from the album. When it comes to image editing features.

you can rotate files to different degrees, crop the edges, straighten the photo by rotating it to any given angle, flip items horizontally or vertically, and enable auto-correct mode. In addition, you can modify the brightness, contrast, and saturation, change the gamma value for each color channel (red, green, and blue), as well as apply special effects (for example, gray, sepia, sharpen, pixelate, invert), enable red eye corrections and insert custom text messages. The tool allows you to view a histogram, edit metadata (name, title, date, and time), give ratings, set flags, view camera information (eg name, autoexposure),

jAlbum will surely not let you down when it comes to configuration settings. It supports a multitude of parameters designed to help you change address locations, modify image order and thumbnail layout, and define the linking of images from thumbnails. In addition, you can set the JPEG quality, adjust the video quality and resolution, insert widgets that are placed in a small toolbar at the bottom of the album page, and configure various advanced features. jAlbum provides excellent output results but consumes CPU and memory, so the overall performance of the computer may suffer. you can Like It Snagit

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Overall, jAlbum proves to be a reliable and feature-rich slideshow and album maker that integrates handy image editing features, uploading capabilities, and skins. If you want to skip the installation steps, you can check out the portable version of the program. jAlbum gives you the ability to process your photos into albums that can then be published online, either on your own website or on the jAlbum site. Once you’ve installed the app, you can quickly add your own photos and then create albums to share. The program does the rest.

jAlbum is a free, full-featured web album maker that allows you to create alumni photos and share them online. jAlbum’s interface has been greatly improved in recent versions and is now a clean, clear slate for browsing your images and quickly selecting the ones you want to put in your album. Once you’ve imported your photos, you can rearrange them, delete the ones you don’t like, add captions, and generally do a lot of fine-tuning to get the most out of them. jAlbum also includes a good set of basic editing tools.

jAlbum’s strongest feature is undoubtedly making albums. Here you have viewing options: you can create an album to view locally on your PC, upload it to a jAlbum account, or upload it to your own web server. This is very easy to do and jAlbum comes with several styles to get you started. You can also download more skins from the developer’s website. You can also share your published albums via a wide selection of different social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. One minor gripe with jAlbum is that, for an album creation app, it doesn’t have as many sharing options as we’d like.


jAlbum 29.3 With Full Crack Download 2023

It could definitely work with the ability to post to places like Facebook right from the app instead of having to first post an album before sharing. We also missed out on adding music on top of having to wear a custom skin, a touch that would make some albums really special. With a good set of editing tools and an easy process, the free jAlbum is a great way to create photo albums to share with your friends. jAlbum now always prints some diagnostic message to the system console if a fatal error occurs that prevents jAlbum from starting. show every duplicate entry (since 10.9)

jAlbum would not start in Java 7 (since v10.9) jAlbum’s built-in text editor would cause error messages to be printed to the system console when editing new files The external “Convert Spaces” tool in underscores” was broken Minor fix to turtle skin embed (removing quote from homepage link text). jAlbum is a professional software application created by Swedish programmer David Ekholm in 2002. jAlbum specializes in providing high-quality web galleries that can include all digital media: photos, videos, and audio files. Photos are automatically scaled down to thumbnail and web size to fit perfectly on your website and can be published on your site or blog.

jAlbum.net is also used as a social photo-sharing website, you can sign up with jAlbum to receive a 30-day trial with 4 GB of web space. To set up the jAlbum utility on your website, you need to obtain a license (after your 30-day trial period expires). Once implemented, you can use its easy-to-use user interface to edit images, rotate images, crop images, apply filters, exclude elements, or create a full-screen slideshow for your website.

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The user-friendly UX allows you to easily manage multiple photo albums and quickly sort them in ascending or descending alphabetical order. Also, you can easily sort by name, last modified date, rate, title or subtitle. The flexible nature of the utility allows you to manipulate your images with jAlbum to suit your website or individual needs. The appearance of your photo album can be adapted to suit your website. jAlbum calls its themes/designs “skins”. They have over 60+ skins available on their website that are pre-made to quickly choose and install on your utility.

If you don’t like any of the available pre-made skins, you can customize them to fit your project. Alternatively, you can create a new skin that perfectly suits your brand using its built-in editor. jAlbum has a busy forum that offers a lot of detailed information on how to customize or create your own jAlbum skins. Often people have important memories on multiple discs, physical photos, and memory cards. This situation is easily arranged when using jAlbum. You can upload your images and jAlbum will automatically organize them into clear folder trees based on the time the photo was taken, location, or date.



  • Create beautiful web albums:

Use the powerful software to create professional online photo books for any website. Choose from hundreds of album layouts and personalize them with your own personal touch.

  • Easy to use:

You will become instantly familiar with the application’s browser-like user interface. Use drag and drop to add new photos and videos. Create folders to better organize your album.

  • Upload to any site:

You can upload your albums anywhere on the Internet: to your own site or blog. You can even share an album directly from your hard drive.

  • Supports large volumes of images:

The application is optimized to handle large volumes of images and can use your current folder structure. This means that you can update your web albums with more images or new features in no time.

  • supports video:

This product is not just about presenting images, it is also good at handling videos. The tool converts more than 160 different video formats to mp4, a format suitable for web presentations on a variety of browsers and devices. Just drag and drop to create stunning video albums

  • Customize with skins:

Skins are tool plugins that determine the layout and feature set of the generated albums. Some skins are simple and easy to modify while others have advanced features such as Google Maps integration, video playback or shopping cart integration to name a few.

  • Edit images:

In editing mode, you can view your photos in a larger size, add captions, and apply various filters. Adjust your images with the Crop and Straighten tool, sharpen with Gamma and Level, or apply various artistic filters. You can even add text to your images, e.g. for the purpose of watermarking.

What’s New in this version?

  • Keywords can now be renamed and removed for multiple selected images. (Right-click on the selected keywords in the jAlbum keyword list to display the new context menu)
  • Improved image crop tool: now starts with a full-size crop box. It no longer defaults to “Keep Aspect”. Added useful grid lines to the crop box. Use the ALT qualifying key to change the centered size.


  • Simple interface: This program features a clearly designed interface, with tools arranged around the main window so they are easy to find and access. The buttons at the top of the screen allow you to add photos, videos, or folders. You can then edit your images and add captions with just a few clicks.


  • Setup: Setting up your account can be a bit tricky at first. The tutorials assume you already have an account; but when you download the app, you can start creating albums right away. What you do with them next may not be immediately clear to inexperienced users, and the Help file isn’t much help with this. But there’s an Upload button at the bottom of the screen, and clicking that starts you on the path to creating your online account and managing your albums.

At The End:

  • jAlbum is a useful and convenient service that, once set up, gives you great flexibility when it comes to publishing and sharing photos. Flexible pricing structures allow you to pay only for what you need.

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